Spoiled With Homemade Filipino Dishes

My aunt’s Chicken BBQ and my grandma’s Dried Fish, Vegetable Lumpia (not on the photo), & Pancit Malabon.

Coming home to my aunt’s house is always a treat. One of the best treats I always have the pleasure to enjoy. My grandma spoils us with homemade Filipino food and my aunt spoils us with all the love and generosity only the best mothers can provide every single time we come over and yesterday was no exception. Our menu this weekend was Barbecued Chicken, Crispy Dried Fish, Vegetable Lumpia (not on the photo), and Pancit Malabon. Everyone’s tummies were very full and definitely happy not only because the food was delicious, also because my grandma’s cooking are always the best! - my aunt’s too, of course!

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